Garages & Shed Demolition & removal

Most of the time, residential demolition also includes the buildings attached to the homes. These include garages and sheds. It wouldn’t look right if we left these standing after doing a home demolition, so it’s something we do often! We at Rayco Demolition love doing a thorough job. We’re always ready to demolish any and all of the buildings on your lot. Keep reading if you need to know more.

Garage Demolition

Garages are special parts of homes. They house our cars! They have other uses also, though, like housing tools and allowing us a place to work on things. Maybe we even use our garage as a home gym, game room, or music room. Sometimes though, they need to be taken out. That might be hard, but we’re here to make every step easier.

Shed Demolition

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Sheds are a man’s best friend. Sometimes sheds can even be a woman’s best friend. They house our tools and give us room for projects, or can act as storage for all of our junk. They can be a sweet escape. We understand it can be tough for you when they need demolishing, if memories are attached. Once again, not to worry, we’re here to make the entire process easier for you.

The Process

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Cleaning up after demolition is obviously important. We’re sure you’ll have all of your belongings removed before we begin, but we’ll still have to clean up the mess after our job is done. We can discuss any left overs you might want to keep, or we can remove it all. Give us a call today and we can plan something that works best for you!

Cleaning Up

After you send a job our way, we’ll have to come out and do an inspection and work up a plan. We won’t start on anything until we have both agreed on price, timing, and a suitable demolition plan. Once we get all of our equipment set up, we will begin the demolition process as soon as possible!

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