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What is Total Site Clearing Demolition? | DT Specialized Services

When planning to make a new road, develop new projects or constructions in any undeveloped land, it is customary for one to include a site clearing demolition. This kind of clearing will ensure that any natural or human-made structures in the environment will not stop the construction crew from starting the project. Let’s check out what is included in a site clearing and why it is necessary.

Why is Site Clearing Necessary?

Just like why you need to clean up a landscape before you start to mow it or just like why you must prim a surface that you will want to paint, site clearing is important especially when the existing land is not ready for buildings. Trees as well as other vegetations may be standing in the way of a land’s development. Boulders and rocks may also be interfering with the construction equipment’s mobility. Also, the site may contain trash that were left there for a long time already. All of these, and a lot more, are examples of the obstacles that land developers and construction crews may face.

Rock Removal

There are terrains which are favorable for some surface developments. In spite of this, these terrains may contain huge rocks and boulders which can be a problem for the construction crew. If this is the scenario, demolition crews can remove or demolish the rocks, boulders, or other hindrances. By using jackhammers, excavation equipment, and maybe explosives, removing these problems will be done easily. After doing so, the crew will then be loading the rocks onto the trucks and transport it away from the premises.

Trash Removal

There are sites that are scheduled for developments but have large amount of waste. This may be due to either a legal or an illegal waste dumping. Throughout the process of site clearing, all these trashes will be removed completely. The crew will separate the waste for recycling and also salvage some metal components. In general, it is important to clear out the site from unwanted waste completely in the site clearing demolition process.

Vegetation Removal

If trees and other vegetations prevent the road or structure construction, the demolition crews will have to remove them. Huge trees will be cut down in parts. As for the debris that results from the tree removal, the crew can either recycle or remove it. Roots and stumps from uprooted trees may also be a problem to construction crews. Hence, they will also need to pull, dig, or cut this away. After doing an excellent site clearing, you will observe that there will be no trace of felled trees already. As for the vegetations, such as grasses and bushes, crews remove these so as not to waste any construction efforts.

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