Recycling of Wood Construction Wastes

The Importance of Wood Recycling in C&D Management

Whenever demolition and construction industries are booming, this usually is a result of landfills that overflows with construction waste. For them to contest the amount of waste in the landfills, a lot of them starts to realize that recycling potential materials such as wood is a great idea. Let us see the environmental and the economic inventive that one can get from recycling a wood construction waste. Moreover, know the various products that you can create from a recycled wood so that it will not end up in landfills.

Why Wood in A Landfill is Not Good for The Environment

A lot of us are already considering the environmental consequences of various materials that we use daily. We may now be opting for take-out containers that are made from a recycled material rather than one that is made from an immortal styrofoam kind. But there is still one material that a lot of us does not perceive as a big deal to throw out. And this is the wood!

You may be thinking that the material that would be most acceptable to throw in a landfill is a wood. This is because wood is natural and it decomposes through time. Even if the statement is true, most of these decayed woods in landfills are decomposing underground and has no air access. If this happens, this decaying wood will release methane gas – this is a gas that is 20x more harmful to our environment compared to carbon dioxide. Know that this kind of increase in the greenhouse gas from decaying woods in landfills can greatly decrease air conditions. As a matter of fact, this can result in fluctuations to the temperature.

Why Wood in A Landfill is Bad for A Business

Even if wood is a natural element, its use does not end with the building’s demolition that the wood is used. Because of this, an increasing number of cities are recognizing the economic benefits of recycling the wood construction debris of demolition and construction sites. Know that you can use a wood to create a lot of products once you separate this from other materials. These products do not only make jobs in industry of recycling, but it also benefits the companies who manufacture and sell them.

Some Items that Can Be Made from A Recycled Wood

  • Timber Recycling

Since 1990s, recycling of larger sections of wood that are from demolition and constructions sites have become popular. A lot of commercial and residential construction professionals have given a second chance to a reclaimed wood. Today, a lot of companies have become conscious about reclaimed products and the demand for this has increased. In fact, these companies made recycling wood construction materials popular more than ever.

  • Wood Fiber Products

One thing that you can do to recycle a wood is to break it down. One can make a lot of products from a wet-formed wood fiber from a recycled construction wood. The most common products of these are cardboard and paper. But this recycling can extend up to insulation and shipping materials.

  • Wood Composite Materials

A lot of people do not see the potential of a broken piece of wood because it lacks shape and structural integrity. But when you chop this into smaller sections and assemble it, a wood composite material will now have a lot of potentials. Know that a particleboard material can be used for almost anything from construction materials to furniture, shipping materials, and more.

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