All About “WET-WET-WET” Method of Demolition Dust Control

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Whenever you encounter any demolition activity, have you ever noticed the tremendous dust that is piled up in the process? Irrespective of the size of a structure, you can surely expect a vast amount of dust in any demolition activity. Even though majority of the demolition dust disintegrate quickly, a few municipalities still enact demolition regulations focusing on dust management. This is to control the pollution from an airborne particulate.

Demolition professionals also apply this regulation even to those municipalities who does not regulate well the dust management. The professionals prefer to following this regulation so that they can enhance the dust management protocol. A common method of this regulation is the “Wet-Wet-Wet” Dust Suppression Method. Below, we will be discussing to you this regulation so that you will understand it more.


Before starting with any demolition, it is important to thoroughly spray the structure with water. it is also necessary to remove the exterior panels and open the windows so that the water can coat wholly the material that will be demolished.


During a mechanical demolition, specialists will spray at the point of demolition so that they can limit the dust in the air. Note that when particulate and dust are wet, it will have lesser chance of contaminating the surrounding air.


After demolishing, it’s now time to haul away the construction debris and dispose it in a landfill or recycle it. In this process, note that there are still some dusts present which could be circulated in the air. Just like in step 2, the specialist will continue to spray these moving debris so that the particulate and dust will not contaminate the air.

Managed Water Levels from Dust Management

One factor that concerns some demolition professionals about the Wet Wet Wet Method is ground contamination caused by water runoff. To avoid lead or other hazards from contaminating the water and some areas, specialists carefully manage the amount of water that they will be spraying.

Equipment-Mounted High Pressure Dust Suppression System

In cases of a more extensive demolition, spraying water at a distance may possibly not reach the site of demolition. If this is the scenario, the specialist can use a misting or a mounted water spraying system on the equipment. Using this system allows an accurate dust suppression while reducing the contaminated water runoff.

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