Mold Facts, Misconceptions, and Myths

Toxic Black Mold: The Truths (and Myths)

Molds has been covering the earth for millions of years already. You can surely see tiny bit of mold almost everywhere. But you should know that molds have adverse effects to one’s health. Thus, it is important that you understand a bit more about molds.

“I can just use any bleach in cleaning up molds.”

Well, that statement is both a yes and a no. Even if bleach is hazardous to most of the living organisms, it is still not the greatest fungicide. Bleach is not only a toxic substance to the people who encounter it but know that this is a water-based solution. And with that, you should keep in mind that a mold’s best friend are moisture and water. Therefore, once the bleach’s toxic aspect is eliminated, any mold that remains will start chugging down the residual moisture. Hence, forming another batch of mold.

“Black mold is not good.”

This statement is suggesting that a black mold only has one kind. In fact, a lot of molds look black, and these have various kinds. Whilst a lot of these kinds are dangerous to one’s health, there are still some black molds that are rather harmless.

“Discolored spot? It is most probably a mold.”

Seeing discoloration spots in your office or home may be due to a lot of reason. But some of it is surely caused by a mold. Some may only be “schmutz.” Now, the only way for you to know if a discolored spot is a mold is to conduct a proper testing. Therefore, it is just right for you to worry about these kinds of things. But, before you start to break anything, make sure that you wait for the test result first.

“It cannot be considered as a mold since it does not stink.”

Unfortunately, smell tests do not work in detecting a mold. And even if it works, that will only mean that you are knowingly breathing a lot of odd mold spores. So, even if you claim to have a superhuman smell, keep in mind that mold should not go near your nose!

“Having problems with mold? Just paint that thing over!”

Here is an interesting information: any mold can eat any paint! Even if your newest paint job can cover the dangerous and dirty mold, it will only be a matter of time before the mold will start to munch on the other side. This will happen even if the paint is said to be “mold resistant.” What you must do instead is to do your best to get rid of the mold.

“It is not mold, it is mildew.”

Before anything else, let’s set things straight – another form of mold is mildew. This may not be hazardous compared to other types, but it is still mold and you should deal with it appropriately.

“We are now good since I already got rid of the mold!”

Let’s say that you are successful in cleaning away the mold, are you sure that it will not come back again? If you were not able to fix the problem (moisture-related), then it is most certain that the mold will return.

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